Consumer Behaviour in Tourism 2nd Edition

The authors make it quite clear in their preface to this 2nd edition that this is a book for academics and students. At the same, this is a book that should be read by planners and policy makers everywhere. As most of these now come out of our universities I hope the relevance of this book remains with future entrants to the tourism industry, and is not dismissed as of little consequence. More than once, previous reviewers of other text books have highlighted the failure of too many academic writers to recognise the needs and behaviour of the tourist - the customer - as the academics focus on the theoretical. Even Professor Swarbroke admits that many researchers only have a &ldquo,growing interest in consumer behaviour", without putting this as the first base for their subject matter. This book hits the target perfectly. The authors have emphasised that tourism would not exist without tourists, and how they react, and their individual needs and preferences, are the basis on which tourism planning and operations must be built. The authors take the reader through the process of choice and decision making very clearly, and their case studies are broadly enough chosen to provide examples that illustrate many of the challenges that we face in our fast-changing industry. The book exposes several myths that confuse students, and looks very carefully at trends that could revolutionize our industry in the next few years. The chapter on quality and tourist satisfaction is particularly relevant as the tourists' choice widens. I neglected to read the first edition, as must have many academics and policy makers, but this book should be on the reading list of anyone wanting to make their way in the tourism industry - if they expect to have any positive influence in the future..