Tomorrow???s Tourist: Scenarios & Trends

Published in association with the Future Foundation, Tomorrow&rsquo,s Tourist comprises four very different sections. The first section provides a historic context, observing that tourism has grown from the 1950 figure of 25m and that a modest average annual growth rate of 3.4% over the next couple of decades indicates that 1.9bn people will be travelling by 2030 and identifying 17 &lsquo,mega drivers&rsquo, that are likely to determine the future of tourism. , These include inevitable ones, like energy, food and AIDS and the changing balances of power between Asia, Europe and the United States, but the three top drivers are: 1.A World of Changing Values 2.Living with Uncertainty and Fear 3.Education, Wealth and Choice This reminds us that travel and tourism is ultimately about human experience and emotional relationships. Section II is a series of essays describing a range of possible scenaria indicated by these drivers. , These include &lsquo,Ostentatiously Expensive Dubai&rsquo,, &lsquo,Bridget Jones Goes on Holiday&rsquo, and &lsquo,The Space Tourist&rsquo,. , There is much about self-discovery and authenticity, but also about self-indulgence and escapism. , The final chapter in the section examines the &ldquo,feminisation&rdquo, of travel in Asia, demonstrating that marketing requires psychology and sociology more than it needs economics and technology, refreshingly, Yeoman recognises that the future of tourism is not a function of technology, since &ldquo,technologies &hellip, are simply information channels and enablers &hellip, [and] drivers of the tourist&rsquo,s choice of destination&rdquo,. The penultimate section considers some fundamental &ldquo,What If?&rdquo, scenaria, including &ldquo,What If Governments Banned Tourism in 2030 Because It Was Deemed Immoral, Dangerous and Bad for the Environment&rdquo,, remember that Scotland was the first part of the UK to ban smoking! , The final section reminds tourism professionals that scenario planning is not about crystal ball gazing, but about good business management &ldquo,to ensure that strategy is &lsquo,futureproof&rsquo,&rdquo,. Tomorrow&rsquo,s Tourist is a compelling and often though-provoking study in strategic tourism planning.