Tourism Development : Growth, Myths and Inequalities

What a good and interesting book! , As a layman, albeit with a degree in Land Economy and nearly 40 years of active involvement in tourism both in the UK and in developing countries, I nevertheless approached this review with some trepidation. , But the book quickly became a must read item. , I heartily commend it to anyone with an interest in the challenges and paradoxes of tourism development and especially to those engaged in such work. The editors have provided a first class introduction which sets the scene for the very detailed papers that follow. , It would be invidious to single out any for particular comment save to say that collectively they provide real and probably incontestable examples of the delicate balances, both economic and cultural, that should be addressed when planning and implementing tourism development work. , The introduction opens with serious questions regarding the value and realism of developing tourism as a poverty eliminator. , The papers throughout pose challenging questions and issues of real relevance both to funders and those engaged in development work &ndash, not forgetting of course the peoples and places that are the central to such work. A notable feature is the quality of the English and lack of jargon deployed by the authors of the individual papers, the vast majority being non-native English speakers. , While this may in part be due to careful editing, it makes the volume far easier to comprehend than most and, essentially, increases its value to readers. My one minor criticism is that, when reaching the end of the volume, the reader is left entirely to draw his or her own conclusions. Perhaps the editors felt it was not appropriate to do otherwise but I would have welcomed at the very least a set of parameters within which to appraise the individual papers.