Classroom Activities for Edexcel GCSE Leisure & Tourism

Although this volume is written for the Edexcel GCSE specification, editions are available for the other awarding bodies. Written for the GCSE qualification the student workbook would also be suitable for any Level 1 or 2 Travel &, Tourism course. The four chapters are titled in accordance with the qualification and are presented in a range of formats to suit the teaching styles of the tutor and the learning styles of the student. There are activities to &lsquo,check on learning&rsquo, as well as comprehension exercises, map work tasks, crosswords and four word searches (a pointless activity at this level of study). This book will be a godsend for &lsquo,cover lesson&rsquo, activities for absent colleagues as well as homework tasks. It won&rsquo,t act as a facilitator for learning as it is not a textbook, rather it is designed as a means of ongoing formative assessment. For the non-specialist delivering the programme or someone new to teaching it will take some of the burden out of having to be creative in thinking up activities to follow on from the day&rsquo,s lesson. I doubt any teacher would use the book from cover-to-cover. It is a shame the activities tend to be at the lower end of the ability range, geared more towards the Level 1 aspect of the qualification rather than the A*-C grades. But this does mean it is accessible and engaging to the lower ability learner. The accompanying Teacher Guide is little more than an answer book with a few guidance tools and exam style questions (but no grading guidance given, hence its more likely Level 1 suitability). The publishers probably haven&rsquo,t realised just how easy it would be to copy each page as the monochrome format is not going to result in any quality loss. Every T&,T tutor should have a copy if for no other purpose than to give them ideas. Well worth the ?,12.99 cover price.