Tourism and Generation Y

As a cohort, Generation Y are more likely to travel than any other. This book describes vividly how the digital revolution, terrorism and financial uncertainty have had much impact on them and therefore their decision-making, and the implications this can have on worldwide tourism. The book is a series of fourteen chapters, split over three sections: 1. Gen Y &, Tourism 2. Gen Y Behaviour 3. Capitalising on Gen Y as Consumers and Producer. The research covers many areas of tourism, from nature-based tourism to wine tourism to back-packing and couch surfing, and gives insight into Gen Y&rsquo,s needs and wants by depicting how they prefer to book, how we should target them from a marketing angle, and what kind of service experience they are seeking. Interestingly, there are many comparisons made with the Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y &ndash, much of it leading to the projected needs and wants of Gen Z. There is a strong sense that although this Gen Y seek adventure, excitement and novelty, there are factors of safety and security that need to be addressed in order to accommodate their activities. The research, though patchy in areas, is vital to the success of operators wishing to market to this market as there are clear challenges - the need to be creative yet offer great service and value for money to create loyalty in this cohort. Although many of the contributors are from Australia or America, the messages are pertinent for anyone who is involved in tourism marketing and product development. Many of the readings do state that further research is required to fully understand this niche market, and the reader is often left with as many questions as answers. This book is a useful resource for educators of tourism, employers, managers and people developers alike. It not only offers academic research but also practical information on work values and motivators.