Nature-Based Tourism, Environment and Land Management: Ecotourism Series No.1

Nature-Based Tourism, Environment and Land Management looks at the economic, social and environmental impact of tourism within managed natural settings. This is a crucially important area for tourism and destination managers in a period of growing demand for outdoor leisure and particularly adventure experiences. In essence it is a series of chapters based on, and selected from, presentations given at the 2001 Fenner Conference of Nature Tourism and the Environment. , For this reason there is lots of cross referencing to other published works and whilst this is necessary it can be confusing. Each chapter is effectively a case study, these are largely from major National Parks in North America, Continental Africa and Australia. , Having little professional experience beyond the urban and country parks of Bedfordshire this was an eye-opening read and certainly provides food for thought. , It highlights that whether managing a game preserve in Africa or a country park in Bedfordshire, many of the challenges faced are the same. , Balancing the demands for public access with the responsibility of stewardship and preserving the integrity of the natural infrastructure within limited and often tight budgets are common issues regardless of the Continent. Chapter 3, Sustainable Tourism: Worlds Trends and Challenges Ahead, was especially interesting, each chapter starts with a useful &lsquo,Abstract&rsquo, which gives the reader a taster of the following pages and the ability to skip around from chapter to chapter as they wish. Given that the book covers some of the most beautiful areas of the world, I would have appreciated some stunning photography. It is certainly a book which would be suitable for students of tourism, land management and conservation at degree level and anyone like me wishing to see beyond my urban bubble.