Transfrontier Conservation in Africa: At the confluence of capital, politics and nature

Transfrontier conservation is a global concept which encompasses the protection of biodiversity spanning the borders of two or more countries in ways that support local economic development, international relations and peace. This book focuses specifically upon the events and processes that have shaped the emergence of transfrontier conservation areas (TFCAs) in Africa and argues that TFCAs should be understood in the context of the intersections between the environmental movement, the private sector and the role of the state in those intersections. The author therefore sets out specifically to offer a text that does not analyse TFCAs in isolation as he considers this to be a weakness of other analyses. The book is well written and offers a depth of opinion based upon local knowledge, research and experience that makes it both authoritative and interesting to read. Introductory chapters Perspectives on TFCA's and On the Ideological Foundations of Transfrontier Conservation Areas provide an accessible introduction to the topic before the book moves on to offer a series of chapters with different themes, including peace through ecology and community struggles. A more clearly-defined conclusion, that drew together some of the key ideas and related these back to the original aims, would have been useful. Although tourism is quite often referred to, this is unlikely to become key reading for most tourism students. As the publisher suggests, the book is most relevant to students and researchers of natural resource management, conservation and political ecology and readers in African studies. That said, tourism students (particularly postgraduate students) and researchers with an interest in ecotourism and/or tourism in Africa will find this a useful addition to their reading. Those concerned to locate their tourism analysis in the context of wider environmental debates, socio-economic and political analyses should certainly pay it some attention.