Operations Management in the Travel Industry

The book provides a good overview of Operations Management in the Travel Industry covering key areas including theory, concepts, frameworks and case studies. , As the travel industry is very fragmented, there are many aspects to consider when looking at the management of operations within it such as logistics, marketing, strategy, staffing, finances, sustainability and culture, to name but a few. , These key elements that comprise the complex relationships of all areas are mapped out in this book, , giving an insight into the travel industry and providing a good grounding for students studying and entering employment in this sector. , I think the book is a good source for those seeking knowledge about the workings of operations management The chapters are relevant to the subject and the structure is laid out well, with a good summary at the beginning explaining what the chapter will cover, guiding the reader through each topic, with practical information as well as discussion questions and guides for further study. , Each chapter features case studies, which provide thought and discussion. However, some of the case studies would benefit from more detail and several of the illustrations of models could be made a little clearer. As the travel industry is so fragmented and rapidly changing, with many small to medium size businesses emerging and outnumbering the larger ones, I would like to have seen some more references made to the smaller businesses, as not all aspects of the Operations Management discussed in this book are significant to them. However, this is a useful book that gives a very good overview of what Operations Management entails and can used by students as well as people working in the industry.