Hospitality Business Development

I eventually got over the fact that the phrase &ldquo,this book&rdquo, is repeated ten times in just the Preface and that I found annoying spelling and grammatical errors scattered throughout the 289 pages. I then tried to decide who this book was aimed at. If students, then my personal opinion is that it over-cooks in many areas and is fact-lite in others. If seasoned professionals then at times it borders on the patronising. Take for example the section on franchising and management contracts, an area I know well. This was quite disappointing and incomplete. Whereas 24 pages are devoted to a case study of a Hungarian bed and breakfast establishment&rsquo,s , business plan. It is a well structured book &ndash, each chapter starts with Learning Objectives, Contents and Introduction and ends with conclusions, review questions, a case study and a glossary of terms used. Chapters cover the scope of the hospitality industry, the hospitality environment, developing a customer-centric business, business planning and feasibility, creating competitive advantage, development methods, new product development and renovation. It could appeal to those who want an academic overview of the hospitality industry, but it would not necessarily be first-choice reading for practitioners in the industry, particularly those involved in sales and marketing looking for inspiration for increasing their occupancy levels, average ticket values or frequency of repeat business.