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Until a few weeks ago, very few outside HR and employment law circles had heard of ‘furlough’, but now it’s a word every place of work in the country is discussing for various reasons.


The next Tourism Society PR Network's "Safe Space" virtual gathering on Tuesday 26 May will focus on furlough and how it will and has affected those working in travel and tourism agencies and in PR and marketing roles. We have drafted in Kirsty Senior, Founder/Director of specialist HR consultants Citrus HR  to join the discussion.

Unsure how to keep junior staff engaged or motivated while furloughed, confused about how much contact you can have with your employer while furloughed? Or wonder what a safe return to office life will look like or be managed in a few weeks or even months? Do sign up to this  webinar to get some much-needed clarity on these issues. Sign up, log-in and feel free to listen in, participate, or ask questions via the webinar chat box.

All those in communications roles are welcome, whether C-suite, furloughed, freelancer or career pivoting. This is not a professional meeting - it's a gathering to feel supported and share ideas right now. 


Join us for a chat over an end of day drink - Kirsty's will be gin! The webinar starts at 5pm on Tuesday 26 May. No cost, no obligations, Chatham House rules, no notes, no recording, no attendance records, and no camera if you prefer!


Contact for joining instructions.


Fiona Anderson