Who's who



Lord John Thurso

Board members serving in 2018/19
Please note that only Tourism Society Members and Fellows may stand for election to the Board

Chair: Kevin Kaley FTS with Tourism UK Ltd

Vice-Chair & Treasurer: Mike Jones FTS with Hospitality Impact 

Secretariat: Alison Cryer FTS with the Tourism Society/Representation Plus

Maddy Crocker MTS, Membership Executive membership@tourismsociety.org

Silvia Barbone MTS
Brandon Crimes FTS with Tourism Matters
Richard Denman FTS with the Tourism Company
Philippa Harris MTS
Katrina Michel MTS 
Deirdre Wells MTS with Go To Places 
Julian Zarb FTS with University of Malta
Fiona Anderson MTS with GEC PR

Co-opted board members:
John Walsh Heron FTS / Representative with Tourism Society Wales
Roger Goodacre FTS with Roger Goodacre Associates, Chairman of the Tourism Consultants Network
Ex officio board member: Ross Tinsley MTS, chairman of the Tourism Society Scotland


Honorary Lifetime Achievement Fellows

Christopher Rodrigues
Christine Brown 
Clive Jacobs
Taleb Rifai
Lord Tom Pendry
Peter Long
Liz Terry 
Harvey Goldsmith 
Simon Calder
Rocco Forte