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The Think Tank consists of a sub-group of the Tourism Society's board and a selection of the Society's members. Collectively they review topics that have an impact on the tourism industry and produce a thoughtful and considered commentary. The Society will always have an opinion on and work for the benefit of tourism but will not be party political or act on behalf of individual interests.

Third runway at Heathrow given the go-ahead
October 25th 2016
1. The Tourism Society welcomes the provision of greater aviation capacity for tourists travelling to and from the UK.  Now Government has confirmed the selection of Heathrow for a new runway in the South East, we urge that the facilities are completed as soon as possible.

2. Improvements in capacity should reflect the need to manage future tourism flows, and to spread the benefits of inbound tourism to all parts of the UK.  Every opportunity should be taken to support the expansion and route connectivity of regional airports.

3. The costs of increased capacity need to be kept as low as possible so that the fees charged to airlines, that are passed on to customers in fares, remain internationally competitive. 

4. Decisions taken in relation to aviation capacity expansion must be made in the context of environmental sustainability, and evolving technological improvements.

5. The UK Government must keep the punitive levels of Air Passenger Duty under review and reduce them, in accordance with evidence that the Treasury and the UK economy would benefit as a result.