Membership benefits

The Tourism Society provides a range of services for its members. The list below provides brief details on those current.

For more information please contact the Secretariat.

If you are already a member and want to take advantage of the benefits, just log in to the website, go to the red MY ACCOUNT button and click on BENEFITS AND DISCOUNTS in the drop-down menu. You’ll find all the links and discount codes there.

Training Meetings

The Board invites members to submit proposals for meetings. The Society holds meetings and events throughout the UK. Leaders in the world of tourism, hospitality and leisure are invited to speak on a variety of topics and meet members. Meetings that are held jointly with other organisations improve contacts between related sectors of the industry. Guests are welcome at all meetings.

When you need help

The Society recognises that business difficulties or even redundancy can arise during your career. At such times, The Tourism Society will assist as far as possible, particularly with networking and advice and sharing CVs. 

Professional Sections

If you have appropriate experience and work in a relevant sector you may also join the Tourism Consultants Network (TCN). Click for further details. For information on the Tourism Society PR Network (TSPRN) events or to become a founding member of the Tourism Society Digital Network (TSDN) contact the secretariat.

Tax Relief

Subscriptions to the Society and TCN are eligible for tax relief. To take advantage, notify the Inland Revenue of your membership.

Discounts for Tourism Society Members - an updated list is coming soon, if you would like to offer a new benefit please fell free to contact the secretariat these will include but nt be limited to:

Business services

Courses & Meetings



PR & Marketing


Research & Statistics



If your product or service would appeal to the Society's members, please contact the secretariat on 0203 696 8330 or